Our holistic approach assures publishers the best possible
prices for their video, mobile, and display inventory. We
integrate technology, data, and inventory to understand
consumer behavior and identify opportunities, and use this
insight to get your inventory the visibility that it
deserves. With Wise, publishers know exactly what inventory
they’re selling, to whom they’re selling it,and the best
price to sell it.


Holistic, Transparent
Efficient, Secure

Experience holistic yield management, our transparent
and efficient gateway to RTB buyers, and our open
ecosystem that connects to the top brands and agencies
in the industry. Control the terms of the deal yourself;
never worry about brand safety again.

Create a private

Sell premium inventory via an automated platform
to gain greater efficiency; enter into high quality deals
with premium buyers; easily create exclusive and
first-look deals, and say good bye to unsold inventory
or premium inventory sold below its value.

Trust, Confidence, Control
with the Wise Interface

All programmatic selling modes supported; seamless
integration of your inventory across multiple devices and
formats; set and adjust prices yourself, create white lists,
black lists, price floors; decide who can access your
inventory and the segments they can buy.

Extend audiences and
Grow Your Audiences

Generate new revenue with greater reach by using 1st and
3rd party data; expose your inventory to a larger pool of
online advertisers, DSPs and exchanges; glean detailed
insights about your audiences and their behaviors and use
that insight to increase CPMs.


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